Winter Tyres

Winter tyres - safety despite freezing temperatures and snow

Winter tyres - those who stick to the rule of thumb "from O to E" are usually on the safe side. "From O to E" means: from October to Easter. This is the period during which winter tyres should be mounted. Nevertheless, beware: Easter is not always in the same month, so make sure not to switch back to summer tyres too early. In return, do not wait too long to avoid wasting the winter tyres unnecessarily in the summer season and vice versa.

In general, you should prepare for the winter tyre change, when the temperatures move towards freezing point. So always look in time for a suitable set of winter tyres.

Winter tyres are not required by law in the UK yet, however, if the temperatures drop to 7 ° C or lower, the adhesion of summer tyres on the road surface deteriorates so much that the change to winter tyres becomes necessary in any case.

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Here are special winter tyres or so-called mud and snow tyres - short M + S tyres - particularly good. Suitable winter tyres are also recognisable by the "Alpine Symbol", a symbol of a snowflake that distinguishes tyres that have been optimised for use at low temperatures and for driving on snowy or muddy surfaces. This guarantees a certain degree of security.

Winter tyres, unlike summer tyres, tend to be exposed to low temperatures, loose ground, black ice and other cold weather conditions. Winter tyres therefore also tend to have a softer rubber compound that allows more flexibility and does not harden even under the coldest conditions.

Winter tyres have the special property of interlocking with the road. Unlike normal tyres, winter tyres need good grip and the necessary traction for safe driving. The profile ensures this: large grooves and studs that are very far apart, also called lamellae, through which a tyre attains a higher number and length of grip edges.

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