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Wheel balancing is a must whenever you go for a tyre change or when your car has met with an accident!

Some workshops ask you whether you want to go for wheel balancing or not when you go for a tyre change to them, and due to the additional cost of wheel balancing, many car owners refuse.

Well, first of all, workshops who ask you whether you want wheel balancing after a tyre change are not performing their duty completely, because this question should not even arise as wheel balancing is a mandatory step every time you change a tyre or fit a new tyre. And secondly, even if a workshop is asking you for extra money to balance the wheel(s) of your car after tyre change or after fitting new tyre, then never refuse it.

However, here atYour Tyres & Auto Care in Nottingham, we do wheel balancing for every customer who comes to us for tyre fitting, without any additional charge.

We never ask our customers whether he/she wants to go for wheel balancing as we do it as part of our standard tyre fitting process.

What is Wheel Balancing and Why Is It Needed?

Any rigid body that is rotation around an axis has some imbalance, which leads to vibrations. These vibrations can increase the chances of tyre wear. Therefore, it is recommended to compensate this imbalance. The same formula applies to car tyres which are round in shape and rotate around its axis on wheels.

The process of balancing can either be performed by applying compensating weights or masses or by removing the weights or masses (by milling, grinding, or drilling). However, we apply the former technique, which is applying weights.

Wheel Balancing Process

During our wheel balancing service at our workshop in Nottingham, the imbalance of wheels is checked by using the latest state of the art wheel balancing machine. On this machine, the wheel of the car with its tyre is set in rotation. The axis on which the wheel with its tyre is set has sensors for measuring the magnitude of the vibrations that get generated due to the imbalance. Based on the result of this test, the intensity (or strength) of the balancing weights is determined and these weights are then attached to the wheel or rim of your car's tyre. In this way, the imbalance of the wheel is levelled out.

Therefore, as mentioned above, wheel balancing is needed every time you go for a tyre change such as changing from summer tyres to winter tyres or vice-versa. Moreover, each time you fit a new tyre to your car, then also wheel balancing is needed.

However, it is recommended to go for wheel balancing checks every time you come across any accident, or hitting a kerb or drive through a deep pothole. Moreover, if you feel that driving your car is not as comfortable and easy at a higher speed as it used to be, then go for a wheel balancing check.

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