Valves Change

A valve, though small, is highly critical to safety and tyre life. It permits entry and exit of air from the tyre and serves as an access point to maintain and adjust recommended tyre pressure. It is covered with a valve cap to offer dirt and foreign particles from getting inside. A valve stem is a small tube on the rim and is used to hold the valve.

The tyre valve is made of rubber to offer it a certain amount of flexibility. The downside to this composition is that rubber corrodes with use and time. Valves are regularly exposed to dirt, force, and changes in pressure that may lead to its wear-and-tear or unforeseen damage. Damage to valves or valve stem can lead to leakage, subsequently leading to low pressure in the tyre or complete deflation. If a low-pressure tyre is not noticed by the driver early, it can get damaged permanently with premature wear. You’ll need to replace the damaged tyre with a new one that will cost you a lot of money.

The unregulated tyre pressure because of dysfunctional valve leads to wheel unbalance. Unbalanced tyres can lead to wobbly steering control resulting in uncomfortable driving at high speeds. It also affects fuel efficiency and strains the suspension components. A periodic wheel balancing check can prevent this from happening. Learn more about wheel balancing on this page of the Your Tyres & Auto Care website.

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