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Nexen Tyre Corporation was founded in 1942 and has its main residence in South Korea. Every day, the 7,000 employees strive for constant technology development and top quality. With new ideas and modern technology, Nexen Tyre creates a safe and clean future. On the constant quest for innovation to lead the next generation, Nexen does not miss a challenge. High-quality and safe tyres are produced in state-of-the-art, automated factories. Nexen firmly believes that we live together in the future and put our values in motion. The future orientation of Nexen is also reflected in the name of the company. The current company name Nexen is derived from the words "Next" and "Century". Nexen Tyre has grown rapidly in recent years, and Nexen tyres are now available in 130 countries worldwide. Also, the turnover of the company has doubled in the last five years. Thus, tomorrow's world of Nexen Tyre will be enhanced through steady growth and progress.

The technology of Nexen tyres

Thanks to continuous research and development, Nexen Tyre is always state-of-the-art. The coveted tyre of tomorrow that the world dreams of is being developed with plenty of innovative concepts. The Silence System is a noise reduction technology with the aim of reducing the rolling noise while driving. By optimising the pitch, as well as the volume and timbre, tire-road noise can be significantly reduced. This was achieved by the optimal splitting of the surfaces using sound engineering. To increase the steering stability even at high speeds, the carcass contour system has been optimised. The action of artificial neural networks was taken advantage of by the developers of Nexen tyres. This ensures the pneumatic compensation during handling. To improve ride comfort and braking power on both wet and dry roads, a belt contour system minimises the pressure on the ground contact surface of a tyre. This is achieved through the optimum pressure distribution ensured by the Optimised Belt Contour System.

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Especially popular is the Nexen summer tyre N 8000 because economic efficiency characterises it, ride comfort and uncompromising safety. In several tests, it has been rated as exemplary, as it demonstrated outstanding performance, especially in the aquaplaning and noise categories. The winter tyre Winguard by Nexen Tyre is particularly suitable for driving on snowy roads. An innovative system for drainage, the Nexen Winguard is characterised by special water resistance. The quietness of the tyres allows a unique ride comfort. The unique braking power of the improved braking behaviour of the Winguard ensures your safety on wet, snowy and icy roads.

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