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There is much to know about the amazing premium tyre manufacturer Michelin. For example, company founder Edouard Michelin invented the demountable tyre and thus the predecessor of all of today's tyres. Michelin produces over 180 million tyres every year - the lightest weighs less than 200g, the heaviest weighs more than 5 tonnes.

Michelin makes tyres for air crafts and even space shuttles.

Or that Michelin has 69 manufacturing sites in 18 countries and sales organisations in more than 175 countries and employs 113,400 people worldwide. In addition, Michelin owns one of the oldest and best-known trademarks on the planet - the legendary Michelin man.

The company is not only famous for tyres though. It also produces maps, travel guides and awards special hotels and restaurants with the much desired Michelin stars.

Back to the tyres...Michelin is not in this business since 1889 without reason. The company stands for top-quality and continued improvement.

Michelin tyres belong to the safest on the market.

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