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Falken Tyres was established in 1983 in Japan, and in the span of 35 years, has gone on to become one of the most well-known tyre brands across the globe. Falken is currently the sixth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. With Japanese technology at its helm, Falken boasts of impressive catalogue manufacturing tyres for sports cars, 4x4s, vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks. It is currently an OE supplier of leading car manufacturers such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Mazda, Jeep, and Chrysler. It is widely recognised in the European market for providing high-performing mid-range tyres at the most affordable prices.

Falken tyres are highly durable, hard-wearing and offer excellent grip on most stringent terrain conditions. These tyres have been tried and tested in several demanding race-track environments and motorsports. The European flagship model FK45 was shown off for the first time in Nurburgring 24 hour race.

Falken's newest model Ziex ZE310 EcoRun was rated 'Exemplary' by a reputed German auto magazine Auto Bild in 2018 Summer Tyre Test. It was commended for its mileage, aquaplaning, and corner aquaplaning. Azenis FK510 model scored 9 out of 10 in the Test World's Summer Tyre Test. It was evaluated in terms of several parameters such as braking, handling, aquaplaning, and noise. It was chosen by the UK's Tyre Review as one of the best summer tyres of 2018.

Featured Falken Tyres available at Your Tyres Nottingham are:

Ziex ZE-914 Ecorun

Ziex ZE-914 Ecorun is a premium summer tyre that is highly resistant to aquaplaning and delivers excellent braking performance in dry as well as the wet conditions. The 'Ecorun' compound contributes to improved fuel economy with reduced rolling resistance.

Ziex ZE-912

Ziex ZE-912 is a summer performance tyre that can be fitted to small and mid-sized cars. The unique tread design offers fine stability during high speeds and braking. The lateral groove pattern contributes to improved water displacement performance.

Ziex ZE-310 Ecorun

This high-performance summer tyre offers excellent grip and traction on dry as well as wet surface. It makes use of ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure) technology, which provides even pressure distribution across the contact patch of the tyre, resulting in longer tyre life and directional stability.

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