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The number one in the world

Bridgestone is an epitome of success: Michael Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen and other World Champions won their titles with Bridgestone tyres. Whether Formula 1, MotoGP or other motorsport championships: Teams, drivers and designers rely on products of this brand everywhere - Bridgestone is a popular tyre manufacturer here

Bridgestone is number one: the world's largest manufacturer of tyres for cars, trucks, buses or special vehicles. Founded in 1931 in the Japanese city of Kurume, the company today employs more than 137,000 people across the globe. The headquarters of the Bridgestone Corporation is Chuo/Tokyo. In Europe, Bridgestone tires are manufactured and sold by over 13,000 employees in seven production facilities and 20 distribution companies. In addition, the Bridgestone Corporation also manufactures products for shipping, bicycles and golf and tennis items.

What is unimaginable today was still normal in the years after the Second World War: Bridgestone earned its money mainly by selling tyres to well-known motorcycle manufacturers. Among others, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda were there.

Initially, the company produced motorcycle tyres as well as motorcycles and bicycles itself. However, motorcycle production was abandoned in 1970 to advance and expand tyre production. In 1988, the group took over the manufacturer Firestone and expanded thus. Meanwhile, Bridgestone tyres are the world's best-selling tyres and often also first tyres for many well-known car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes or Porsche.

What does the name Bridgestone mean? It is by no means an art term. The founder of the company was called IshibashiShojiro - and Ishibashi in English means "Stonebridge". With an English name, as the founder of the company was sure, his products could be marketed worldwide. However, because he rated the linguistic sound of Bridgestone better than "Stonebridge", he decided to reverse his name practically. A stroke of luck, because today Bridgestone tyres have become indispensable from the motorised world. The company stands for safety and highest performance with best driving comfort, good driving stability - and at the highest level.

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