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Shock absorbers are structurally simple metal sleeves in which a movable piston absorbs the load on the body and pushes the wheels tight on the road. This makes the driving characteristics of the vehicle. Depending on the tuning, the shock absorbers are filled with oil or gas.

After brakes, tyres and the steering, the shock absorber is the most important component to control a vehicle safely.

Completely defective dampers can be recognised by significant amounts of leaking oil on the piston rods of the damper. Conversely, from a perfectly tight shock absorber, the proper function cannot be derived.

Ground contact creates driving safety

What many do not know: Defective shock absorbers mean not only less comfort but also significantly less driving safety. Because the main task of the shock absorbers is to push the landing gear on the road surface. The resulting grip is extremely important for many traffic situations: for example, the car then remains stable on bumps or curves on the road. Even aquaplaning can be prevented or at least delayed with good road contact.

Furthermore, shock absorbers are crucial for a reliable function of the brakes. The worse the dampers work, the longer the braking distance will be. Many drivers rely in this case on ABS and ESP. But even these electronic control systems require a precise tyre guide and thus functioning dampers.

Creeping wear is treacherous

Treacherous is that the wear of the shock absorber does not occur abruptly, but gradually. That is, many drivers get used to the slowing effect. The damage often remains undetected for a long time. The first signs of defects may be the rocking of the vehicle when driving over bumps or spongy cornering. Also unevenly worn tyres or escaping damper oil are possible warning signals.

Three factors are important when it comes to evaluating shock absorbers.

Firstly, the wheels should not lose contact with the ground when it comes to uneven road surfaces. Secondly, it must be ensured that the cornering stability is maintained, and thirdly, the braking- and steering safety must be ensured. All this works only limited to old and heavily used shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers wear out in daily use.

Result: the wheels bounce on the road, the grip of the tires is reduced; The consequence is longer braking distances, poor cornering stability and increased tyre wear. For modern electronic components such as ABS and ESP, the effectiveness of the shock absorbers is crucial because the associated sensors need exactly guided wheels. Therefore, the advice: "Get shock absorbers tested regularly." A test shows every driver in black and white how good the shock absorbers are and whether they need to be replaced.

Here at Your Tyres & Auto Care in Nottingham, we can do the shock absorber testing while you wait and if there is any repair or exchange needed we will offer you a non-obligatory quote. We will be happy to answer all your questions or show you directly what needs doing.

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