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When are new tyres due?

The tread depth has a direct impact on road safety because it determines the grip and the length of the braking distance. Throughout Europe and the UK, a statutory minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres applies (for passenger cars and motorcycle tyres). However, this is the absolute minimum value that should not be sought for any tyre. For a safe functioning of summer tyres, a minimum tread depth of 3 millimetres is recommended; for winter tyres, traffic experts even advocate 4 millimetres. In summer, car tyres with too low tread depth cannot sufficiently displace water from the road. On very wet roads it can lead to dangerous aquaplaning. For winter tyres, the necessary grip on snow is missing, so the handling is unstable, and the braking distance is extended. But even summer tyres with a still sufficient tread depth should be changed if they are older than six years old. The external influences increase the material; it can become brittle and so no longer provide the optimal adhesion. A tyre change may also be required by:

  • - improper storage
  • - contact with chemicals or oil
  • - also high-pressure cleaner
  • - cracks and bumps

What must you pay particular attention to when buying summer tyres?

As a recognised orientation for the assembly of summer and winter tires, the OO rule applies. From October to Easter winter tyres should be reared, for the rest of the year summer tyres are the best choice. This rule can be concretised by the outside temperature: For summer car tyres, it should constantly be above 5 degrees, then these rubber compounds unfold their functioning optimally.

To order new tyres here for a price comparison, you must know your tyre size and the tyre diameter. Both data can be found in the vehicle registration certificate or on the outer surface of the currently mounted tyres.

The values in the vehicle registration show you which concrete dimensions are approved for your vehicle. The tyre size consists of the width, the height and the customs value. Also, the load index (maximum load) and the desired maximum speed can be taken into account when comparing prices. This is marked with different letters for a certain speed class up to X mph. In addition to safety aspects of test results, ride comfort also plays a role in the final selection.

This can be measured, for example, by the noise level caused by the tyres during operation. The rolling resistance provides indications of the energy efficiency of tyre models for the summer.

Functional Run-flat summer tyres are becoming more and more popular: their emergency features make it possible to cover a distance of up to 120 miles during a puncture with a maximum speed of 60 mph. This is marked with different letters for a certain speed class up to X mph. In addition to safety aspects of test results, ride comfort also plays a role in the final selection.

What are the concrete differences between summer and winter tyres?

In general, summer tyres have been optimised for warmer asphalt conditions. The main differences lie in the shape of the profile and the composition of the respective rubber compound. Summer tyres have much harder rubber compounds because they can withstand high temperatures without too much wear. Softer winter tyres best express their grip strengths below 5 degrees. While the profile or the running surface of winter tyres is characterised by many cuts (lamellas) for optimal interlocking on snow and ice, the tyres are characterised by grooves for the warm season. These have the task of displacing as much water from the road as possible, thus ensuring optimum grip and the shortest possible braking distance. In comparison, summer tyres have lower rolling friction due to harder rubber compounds. This lower resistance on the asphalt basically ensures a lower fuel consumption.

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