Puncture Repair

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In case of a puncture, it is always advisable to contact a professional for help. Although there are a number of DIY tyre repair kits available on the market, experts strongly recommend car owners to get in touch with a tyre expert who will decide whether a tyre repair is possible or not.

What steps are involved in the process of Tyre puncture repairs?

  • Firstly, the tyre has to be removed from the rim for inspection.
  • Next, the location and extent of the damage are checked.
  • If the tyre is repairable, the process begins.
  • The tyre is repaired professionally.
  • Next step is to balance the wheel.
  • Lastly, the wheel is fitted back on the car.

A professional tyre repair can only happen on those tyres that have not previously been treated with a sealant (DIY kit).

According to the law, only those tyres can be repaired that have damage of up to a diameter of six millimetres. Certain tyres do not have permission for repairs from the manufactures side like for example, certain Run-flat- and some Ultra-High-Performance tyres.

If the tyre cannot be repaired as it is severely damaged, a new tyre must be fitted.

What does a professional puncture repair look like?

  • The damaged channels are cleaned thoroughly by drilling.
  • Using a self-vulcanising filling belt, the whole channel is closed again.
  • A special rubber plaster is attached where the repair has been done.
  • Following the tyre repair, the tyre is fitted back onto the rim and balanced before putting it back on the car.

What is Vulcanisation?

In this method, a rubber stopper is inserted at the place of a hole or a crack. After that, a vulcanising agent is applied to the plug and heated. Due to heating, the rubber stoppers and tyre fuse together and seal the damage.

What to do after a puncture?

  • Never remove any kind of object from the tyre, whether small or large, that has caused the puncture.
  • Let the nail etc. remain inside your tyre to stop the air from escaping.
  • Try to change the tyre immediately, if you have a spare one.
  • If the tyre change is not possible immediately, make sure to drive to the next filling station and add more air to the tyre. Drive slowly and visit our Your Tyres & Auto Care workshop in Nottingham for instant puncture repair.

What are the scenarios where a repair is no longer possible?

  • A repair cannot take place if the side walls are damaged.
  • If the inner sides of the tyre are damaged, it is unsafe to carry out a repair.
  • A repair cannot happen if the hole or crack is larger than 6mm.
  • If you have used a sealant/DIY repair kit previously to seal the tyre, a repair cannot happen.

Tyre puncture repairs in Nottingham and the surrounding areas - Your Tyres & Auto Care

So, if you have a tyre puncture or your tyre is losing pressure, drive straight to our Your Tyres & Auto Care garage in Nottingham without taking any prior appointment.

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