The one test that stresses out most car owners across the UK is the MOT test.

MOT test, abbreviated as Ministry of Transport test, is an annual test that examines the car for its safety, emissions levels, and roadworthiness. If your vehicle is more than three years old, then it is subject to the MOT car test. Key components are assessed to ensure that the car is well-maintained and is safe to drive.

Over 1.5 million car owners fail this test because of the negligence of minor issues such as a dirty number plate or defective light bulbs. Without MOT clearance, you will not be able to renew vehicle tax or claim car insurance. You will not be legally allowed to drive your car either on highways or any places that available for public use.

Do not worry! Here is a checklist of tasks you must take care of to avoid MOT failure.

#1 Fix that Warning Light

Turn on the ignition and check if the warning light shows up on the dashboard. If it does show up, consult the car handbook provided by the manufacturer to identify the malfunction and get it fixed at the earliest.

Inspection of warning light during the MOT test is referred to as “Malfunction Indicator Lamp test”. It came into effect in 2012. During the MOT test, if you turn on the ignition and warning light comes on the dashboard, you will fail the test. So, get that warning light diagnosed before you book your car for MOT car check.

#2 Test the Lights and Indicators

Check that all the lights and indicators are working normally and are in excellent condition. The MOT test checks for:

* Headlights (full and dipped beam)

* Hazard lights

* Brake lights

* Turn Indicators

* Registration Plate lights

* Fog lights

In case any of the lights mentioned above are not working, you can quickly get them repaired from the garage or pick new ones up from any car accessory store.

#3 Test the Horn

Merely honk it to test it. Your car horn must emit a continuous, loud sound (not too loud though!) to clear the MOT vehicle test.

#4 Measure the Tyre Tread Depth

According to the UK driving law, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm in a continuous band that covers three-fourths part from the centre of the tyre. If you are caught driving a car in public area with tyres below legal tread depth, you could be imposed with a fine of up to £2500 with three penalty points per tyre. If your tyre tread is found below the minimum size, you’ll be marked as an MOT fail.

Car garages and service stations are equipped with devices such as profile depth gauge and tread wear indicator that can measure and fix the tyre depths for you in no time. You can also assess it yourself as most tyres now come with tread wear indicators.

#5 Clean Windscreen, Wipers and Mirrors

The MOT rules for windscreen may seem a little complicated. If there is a chip, scratch or a crack of more than 10mm in the driver’s section of the screen, or of the damage covers more than 40mm outside the driver’s view of the windscreen, then that view is considered obstructive and will result in an MOT fail.

The wiper blades and washers must also be in good condition and clean the windscreen efficiently. Ensure that the washer has enough liquid to clean the front and rear screen properly. A blocked jet or an empty washer could result in MOT failure.

The obligatory mirrors must be squeaky clean and provide an unobstructed view of the rear, offside and nearside of the car.

#6 Read the Number Plate

The number plates must be appropriately mounted on the front and rear end of the car. The characters must be visible, with font and spacing that is compliant with the law.

#7 Check Engine Oil and Fuel

Your car must be topped with enough oil and fuel during the MOT assessment. The MOT tester requires engine oil and fuel to test the emission levels of the engine and will be unable to do so if your car is low on it. You must also assess the level and condition of the brake fluid. Inspect the health of the oil and brake fluid and change them before the mot test if necessary.

#8 Other Systems

The MOT also tests for other internal systems such as:

* Exhaust system

* Speedometer

* Braking system

* Battery condition

* Driveshafts

* Steering System

* Fuel Caps

* Seats and Seatbelts


Stay on top of your maintenance and keep your car clean all year round! That’s all it takes to get through the MOT test. If it’s time for your car’s MOT, then get in touch with us and allow us to help you prepare your car for the MOT test.

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For example, why not combine your annual maintenance service with your MOT test? You only have to leave the car with us once and can rest assured that your vehicle is all right and will pass the MOT test with ease.

If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment with us, then contact us today.