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Your Tyres & Auto Centre in Nottingham - The exhaust specialist for all car brands!

Our exhaust service includes all car types!

We repair with high-quality original equipment spare parts! Professional and as intended by the vehicle manufacturers - or sometimes even with improved quality!

Often with more attention to details! And with another significant difference - You will certainly pay much less for us!

Please ask for our fixed price offer of mufflers or other exhaust parts including installation for your vehicle!

You will receive from us exhaust manifold, catalytic converters, silencer (silencer), central silencer (centre pot), bifurcated pipe (exhaust pipe), flexible pipe and all necessary attachments for your exhaust system and everything, of course including installation at fixed saving prices! Ask us...

Exhaust manifolds

The exhaust usually only reminds you of its existence when it gets loud. Then it is already too late; a new one must be fitted. And that can cost you good money.

Short distances are the biggest exhaust killer

Mostly the end comes with horror: Then it suddenly becomes loud underneath the car, or the exhaust even has sparks flying over the asphalt. At least now, the driver knows: He/she has taken care of his exhaust system too little. Because the vehicle's own waste disposal system is not destroyed abruptly, but slowly without anybody noticing. Whereby, there is little to be done against the forces of nature because rain or road salt can only be remedied by vintage collectors.

But every car driver can slow down the destruction from within. In short, the recipe would be quite simple: Avoid short distances! This is because the system does not warm up enough, so condensate accumulates in the silencers - one litre of water per litre of gas consumed. In combination with the exhaust fumes, it forms weak acids, which corrode the metal jacket of the mufflers.

However, especially exhaust systems of modern cars are now very resistant to corrosion. Many manufacturers demand from their exhaust suppliers at least for the inner shell of their double-walled silencer stainless steel as a material; Depending on the price, aluminium-coated sheet steel or stainless steel is used for the outer shell.

Such quality parts, however, are quite expensive. Different accessories qualities are also offered by the independent aftermarket. While the cheap versions are lighter and made of plain sheet steel, the case of the better version is made of double-walled stainless steel and is significantly heavier. We offer our customers the higher quality in quite favourable conditions! We pass on our discount rates, which we obtain from manufacturers to our customers and flat-rate our services at fixed rates. That's how we achieve that the higher quality is affordable for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you and will try to convince you with our services!

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