EU Tyre Label Information

Since, November 2012, the European Tyre Labelling Regulation, has introduced a new labelling requirement for every tyre. This label is known as 'EU tyre label', which displays the information related to fuel efficiency, wet grip, and rolling noise on the tyres.

The main objective of EU tyre label is to improve on road safety as well as provide economic efficiency, including the low noise levels.

Moreover, this information allows the end users to make a more informed choice while purchasing new tyres as drivers can compare the tyres of various manufacturers with respect to these three parameters.

Explanation of the EU tyre label

The EU tyre label can broadly be defined under three classes - Savings, Safety, and Volume, however, the precise parameters that are considered under these classes are:

* Fuel Efficiency (Savings): This defines the efficiency of the tyre in terms of fuel consumption.

* Wet Grip (Safety): The braking distance of a tyre in wet conditions is considered under this parameter.

* External Rolling Noise (Volume): It defines the external rolling noise of the tyre.

Fuel Efficiency Rating: Simply, the fuel-efficient vehicle tyres need less energy for rolling on the roads, which ultimately results in less fuel consumption. The tyres with EU label are rated on a colour coded scale from A to G for fuel efficiency, where A being the highest fuel efficient and G being the lowest.

Wet Grip Rating: The ability of the tyres to stick on wet roads is known as wet grip and is rated on the scale of A to F. The tyres with the highest rating in wet grip('A') can stop faster on wet surfaces during a full brakes manoeuvre, compared to tyres with the least wet grip rating 'F'.

External Rolling Noise Rating: This rating is to measure the noise emitted by the tyres in decibels. This rating is shown through an image of a loudspeaker with black sound waves. The more of these waves shown on the loudspeaker, the louder is the external noise of the tyre.

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