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Are you getting any warning light, error code, or symbol on the dashboard of your car? Or are you feeling slightly different these days while driving? Well, do not worry much as most of the times it is not a very serious situation, however, you should not ignore it as well.

If any such issue occurs and you are unable to understand the error code flashing on the dashboard of your car, then come to our Your Tyre & Auto Care workshop in Nottingham. We have the latest, very powerful and smart diagnostic system that diagnoses the problem of your car with full accuracy.

In our workshop, you will not feel that we are playing a 'hit and miss' game with you as we decode each error code that comes to your car's dashboard with pinpoint accuracy.

For your understanding, we give you a printout of all the error codes related to your car. Our trained mechanics will give you the explanation of each and every code of this printout and suggest you the best possible solution for the problem of your car according to the error code.

The decision is always yours and whatever you say will be followed by our mechanics as we never force our clients.

Today there are several devices and applications available in the market and online as well that can decode your error code very easily, but what comes next? What will you do after decoding the code that comes on the dashboard of your car?

Why our Your Tyre & Auto Care workshop is the right place to approach - even after self-diagnosing the error code?

Well, only decoding the error code does not resolve the problem, but fixing that error does. Moreover, sometimes the same error occurs for more than one issue, therefore, an expert is required to diagnose the actual issue in your car.

Therefore, come to our Your Tyre & Auto Care workshop in Nottingham as we have a team of experienced car mechanics who can easily find out the exact problem with your car and provide a favourable solution.

Since an exchange is always more expensive than repair, we recommend you to come to us immediately when the indicator of the dashboard of your car flashes with some icon or error code. The earlier you let us diagnose the problem, the less expensive measures can be taken to fix the problem.

So, if you have any query related to error diagnosis in your car, you can call us or come to our workshop in Nottingham directly.

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