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Have you ever thought how crucial is the clutch is for your vehicle? The clutch is a bridge between the engine and the transmission of your car. It allows the interruption of the adhesion between the engine and transmission and compensates for the speed differences between the two. The clutch is a wearing part and it takes several years to feel that. It is necessary for starting from a standing position as well as for switching the individual gears.

What may lead your clutch to stop functioning properly?

Regular stop and go traffic, long grind of the clutch when starting, large speed differences between the engine and transmission when switching and actuation of the clutch during the stance phase at red lights increase wear, even leading to clutch failure.

How can YOU check the CLUTCH yourself?

As a driver, you may notice several symptoms if a clutch is worn out as listed below:

  • There is no complete power interruption despite the clutch pedal being depressed. This can be seen if you feel a slight engine braking effect even though you fully push the clutch pedal when the gear is engaged
  • At high engine load, the clutch starts to slip. This is recognisable by a sudden jerky increase in speed without a corresponding drive to feel.
  • At normal engine load, there is no complete adhesion between engine and gearbox and the clutch slips.

How to test your clutch

While standing, with the engine running, pedal the clutch and shift all gears in sequence (without engaging between them). Inserting the gears must be smooth without force and without scratching noises. Otherwise, the clutch will no longer properly separate the traction.

Park the vehicle on a level surface and engage in 1st gear while the engine is running. Let go without giving gas, let the clutch slowly come. The vehicle must move between half and no later than two-thirds of the pedal travel. Tighten the handbrake and engage 2nd gear. Try to start with the handbrake on. If the engine does not stall, the clutch wears and slips.

What needs to be done while using the clutch

If you remove the throttle too soon, it will lead to a tittupped start.  If you remove the throttle too late, the speed of the engine increases rapidly resulting in the engine having "howls”. Both taking off the throttle too early or too late will increase the wear on your clutch.

So, the only way out is to keep the clutch fully pressed until you acquire the desired gear. Apart from it, be cautious while changing gears that they are inserted easily and no force is exerted. After engaging the gear, accelerate. Similarly, while starting off, release the clutch and accelerator simultaneously till you get the desired speed.

If you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s clutch, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us straight away.

We will have a good look at it first and issue an accurate estimate so you will never get any “unpleasant surprises”.

Our experienced team will get on the case quickly and will work fully concentrated on your vehicle so it will be back on the road as soon as possible. We know how important it is to stay mobile.

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