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On this page, you will find valuable tips and practical experience with car tyres; you should pay attention to when buying tyres. Due to the large selection of manufacturers, it is easy to lose track of the tyre purchase. If you want to buy new tyres, you should, therefore, have a good look at the XYZ website. Our sophisticated price comparison offers comparisons and helps with buying tyres. You can find among many manufacturers due to the very well-guided tyre search the exact matching tyres for your car. If you have questions, please speak to our experts directly.

What you should know about car tyres

Car tyres are the link between the car and the road; they transfer the power of the vehicle to the road. Even in racing, tyres are now one of the most important components in the car industry, because what use are high horsepower numbers, if the power transmission from the car to the road is not working properly? A good tyre can have an extremely positive effect on driving behaviour as well as safety and fuel consumption. The tyre significantly determines the liability on the road (and thus the braking distance) and therefore actively affects the safety of the vehicle. In addition, a good low rolling resistance tyre can reduce fuel consumption.

The perfect car tyre for every season

Theoretically, there is the perfect car tyre for all conditions. Above all, the temperature of the road, the floor covering and the weather conditions are decisive for optimal grip. Therefore, there are four different dry tyres and two rain tyres in Formula 1 alone.

However, a car tyre must work well for a wide range of temperatures, floor coverings and weather conditions, and also a long-term is desirable. Car tyres are therefore always a compromise for many different conditions. There are three different types of tyres summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. There are also special tyres for vans and Motorhomes.

The right tyre size

The size of a tyre is clearly visible on its sidewall.

Each tyre has a special mark on the side (for example 185/65 R15 85H) to read the most important characteristics of a tyre at a glance. The first number (in Example 185) represents the nominal maximum width of the unloaded tyre, in millimetres. The second number (in example 65) indicates the percentage ratio of flank height to tyre width. The following letter (in the example R) indicates the construction of the tyre, "R" stands for radial construction. The following number (in Example 15) indicates the necessary rim diameter, in inches. The number "85" in the example indicates the load index and the last letter indicates the speed index.

The construction of a car tyre

A tyre has different components, which may consist of rubber, synthetic fibres, artificial silk but also other materials. The tread establishes the connection to the roadway. The tread pattern design varies from tyre to tyre and is tuned to the type of tyre (summer tyres or winter tyres). The sidewall is the outer protection of the carcass. The carcass is the supporting base and thus the strength of the tyre. The carcass consists of one or two fabric layers of synthetic fibre, artificial silk or steel cord embedded in rubber. The carcass is stretched by the internal pressure and holds the tyre together. The bead provides the firm connection between tyre and rim. Mostly it consists of steel wires. The inner layer is made of a special rubber compound and ensures that the air does not diffuse to the outside.

Radial tyres have been around since 1948, revolutionising the clear separation of layers in tyre manufacturing. Thus, for example, the cords of the carcass ply are arranged radially to the running direction, that is to say at a 90-degree angle. As a result, longer running times and better running properties are achieved.

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