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The brakes of your car are definitely one of the most important safety systems, hence, you should never overlook them.

To keep you driving safely, it is recommended to get the brake system of your car inspected regularly.

For the inspection of your brake system, come to our Your Tyre & Auto Care workshop in Nottingham. We have a very well trained team of experienced mechanics/technicians which will inspect the brake system of your vehicle completely and suggest the best possible solution.

In our workshop, we focus on the below areas while inspecting the brakes of your vehicle:

  • Wear of the brake discs and the brake pads.
  • The condition of brake fluid levels.
  • The thickness of the discs.
  • Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder, and brake lines.
  • The callipers of the brakes are being checked for any fluid leaks and wear.

Symptoms of a brake system dysfunction

At this point, many car users may ask how to know that the brake system of our car is not functioning properly? Well, below are a few symptoms that the driver of a car can feel when the brake system starts dysfunctioning:

  • The brake pedal feels softer than before.
  • You may hear a screeching or grinding noise while trying to press the brake.
  • You feel an increased stopping distance of your vehicle.
  • Sometimes the brakes start vibrating.
  • The warning light for the brake illuminates on the dashboard of your car.

So, in any of the above-mentioned situations, come to us or book an appointment with us online. We provide the best brake service at very favourable rates without ever compromising on quality. Our mechanics will inspect your entire brake system and if only a few parts of it are not working properly, we replace them only. We have brake parts of all leading brands of the automobile industry in stock in our workshop.

No matter what kind of brake system is installed in your vehicle, our fully trained technicians know exactly how to deal with it.

A Brief Description of the Brake System

The braking system of every vehicle comprises of these three parts - mechanical parts, electronic parts, and hydraulic parts. These parts use friction and heat for stopping a vehicle.

Pressing the brake pedal, the piston in the master-cylinder is moved and brake-fluid gets moved forcefully from there to the brake-lines. The car’s brake-fluid has a major impact in the entire braking system as it transfers the created force when the brake pedal is pressed. It also prevents corrosion as it lubricates all the movable parts of the brake system.

In this way, brakes play a major role in maintaining your safety and the safety of other road users, and hence the brake system of your car must always be 100% accurate. So, never leave it on chance, when you have doubt about the brakes or brake system of your car, come to our YOUR TYRES & AUTO CARE brake repair workshop in Nottingham to give us a chance to fix the issue for you on time.

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