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Whether it is a hot, sunny day or a foggy winter morning, the air conditioning system of the car works as a boon in all seasons. On one hand it provides great relief from summer heat, on the other hand, it demists the car's windscreen in winters. Therefore, regular servicing and maintenance is recommended in order to keep the air-con system working all year round…

Generally, the air conditioner of the car needs servicing in three cases -

  1. When it starts losing its cooling power.
  2. When it starts emitting bad odours instantly after turning it on.
  3. When it starts throwing dust or other particles while trying to turn it on.

The specific reasons for all above-mentioned cases are:

  1. The air conditioner of your car stops cooling properly when it loses the refrigerant gas.
  2. The reason for bad odours in air conditioners while trying to turn them on is the development of bacteria or fungi in the air filter.
  3. And it emits dust and other dusty particles when you are turning it on after a long interval.

Despite the causes, whenever, you need to go for your car's air conditioning service, consider Your Tyres & Auto Care in Nottingham.

Our air conditioning service includes the refilling of refrigerant gas and cleaning of the filter. We have a team of very talented and experienced mechanics, who will inspect the air conditioner of your car thoroughly and advise about you the best measures to resolve the issue.

You can book your car's air conditioning service online through our website or just call us. However, you can come to our Your Tyres & Auto Care workshop directly as well. Our mechanics will be happy to help you in all cases.

How we refill refrigerant gas in your car's Air Conditioner?

In this process, the old refrigerant gas and the oil are removed from the air conditioning system of your car, and a specific amount of new refrigerant gas and oil are refilled. The amount of both, the new refilling is defined by your car's manufacturer and we follow it. After refilling, a vacuum test is carried out to ensure there are no cracks or damages. The success of the vacuum test makes sure that there is no further leakage of refrigerant gas from the air conditioner.

How we perform Air Conditioner cleaning?

To clean your car's air conditioner off any bacteria or fungi developed inside, we at our Your Tyres & Auto Care workshop, decontaminate the air conditioning system by using a special spray. This spray gets sucked into the air vents of the A/C of your car and hence kills all the bacteria and fungi present there.

This process makes your car's air conditioning system and the atmosphere inside your car both clean and fresh.

So, come to us as soon as you find out any problem with the air conditioning system of your car as we offer the top A/C service in comparatively lesser rates than others in the market.

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