About Us


Welcome to our Your Tyres & Auto Care website.

As our name already suggests, we are a modern and fully equipped vehicle workshop in Nottingham, specialised in tyres and vehicle maintenance.

All our staff members have been with us for a long time and our many repeat customers as well as our new clients always appreciate their friendly and accurate services.

Our number one priority is always your safety

In our tyre shop you will find a vast variety of quality tyres.

Whether you are looking for the famous, prestigious brands like Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop etc. or would rather go for middle-class or quality budget tyres, you will find them right here.

We have tyres for every budget and purpose available in all regular sizes.

We also offer all the tyre-related services like wheel alignment, balancing, tyre safety checks, valves and much more.

Apart from our tyre services, we also offer all the other, important vehicle services like: brake service, air-condition checks and repairs, suspension repairs, Batteries, Exhaust repairs and MOT testing.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

We are an honest team of hard-working people, our customers can always rely on.

On our website, you can find more detailed information about our services plus you can order your tyres and book most of our services directly as well.

If you need more information or need help urgently, please do not hesitate and come to us.