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Tyres are available in numerous sizes and brands on the market. But it is essential that you buy tyres of the right size, from the reliable brand for your vehicle. Fitting your car with right tyre means increased tyre life and a boost in its safety and fuel efficiency.

Many motorists in the UK use 235/45 R17 tyres. This increased usage is because of the enhanced grip it provides to the surface, thanks to its wide shape. 235 is the tyre width, 45 is the is the sidewall height and is expressed as a percentage of the tyre width, R implies that it is a Radial tyre, and 17 is the inner-rim diameter. Multiplying the width and sidewall height will give you the total height of the tyre. For 235/45 R17 tyres, the height is 235*45/100= 105.75.

Numerous brands provide tyres of this size as winter, summer, and all-season tyres in the UK. At Your Tyres & Auto Care, we recommend our customers to buy Falken tyres. Falken is one of the most excellent global tyres brands, which is backed by the fact that it is the sixth largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

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