Falken 225/45 R17 Tyres

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Your Tyres & Auto Care offers a wide range of tyres. Whether you need a tyre that can perform throughout the year or a tyre that can be used in extreme temperatures, we offer Summer, Winter, and All-season tyres in 225/45 R17 dimension.

You must ensure you choose the right tyre for your vehicle. Fitting a wrong tyre will not only hamper your driving experience but may also be hazardous to road safety. By fitting your car with the tyre of the right size, you are ensured to experience maximum performance, economy, and comfort when you drive.

We also recommend you to look at the EU tyre label before you buy new tyres. The EU label consists of essential details such as wet grip, fuel, noise level ratings which help you better understand the characteristics of the tyre.

225/45 R17 Tyre Specification

225 – tyre width, measured in millimetres

45 – tyre profile, which indicates the percentage of sidewall pertaining to the width of the tyre.

R – tyre category, i.e., Radial tyre

17 – wheel rim diameter, measured in inches

Note that EU tyre label will be provided with each tyre indicating its characteristics.

Buy 225/45 R17 Falken tyres at Your Tyres & Auto Care

You may buy 225/45 R17 Falken tyres online from our website (refer search box on this page) or directly from our garage in Nottingham. We recommend opting for Falken Azenis FK510, Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun, and Falken ZE 914. If you have any queries, you can always talk to our tyre experts at the garage or call our customer support team. You can reach us on 0115 958 5317.