Falken 205/55 R16 Tyres

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Shopping for right tyres has always been a big headache for motorists everywhere. One has to consider whether the tyre he purchases will suit his vehicle, whether it will be ideal for the road surface he drives his vehicle on, and whether it will suit his driving style. Numerous passenger car owners opt for tyres with 205/55 R16 dimensions.

So what makes them special?

205/55 R16 Tyre Specification

To understand if this tyre is right for you, you must first understand what these numbers imply.

205 is the width of the tyre in millimetres. Higher the width, better the traction on the dry surface. Narrower tyres are recommended for winter driving.

55 indicates the depth of the sidewall pertaining to the tyre width. It is expressed in percentage. Here, 55 means that the tyre has a sidewall that is 60% of the 205mm width. Tyres with lower sidewall depth are usually fitted to high-performance cars.

R is the category of the tyre, i.e., Radial tyre.

16 indicates the diameter of the wheel rim and is measured in inches.

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