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Fitting your vehicle with tyres of correct dimensions carries numerous benefits. Not only does it provide an improved driving experience, but also improves your vehicle's fuel economy and road safety. 185/55 R15 tyres have been used by motorists across the UK, thanks to its perfect compatibility with a large number of passenger cars.

Let us quickly glance through what the digits 185 55 R15 signify:

185 points out the width of your tyre.

55, expressed as a percentage of the tyre width, is the aspect ratio/tyre profile.

R tells you the category of the tyre, which is Radial in this case.

15 represents the wheel rim size. 

The tyres of this dimensions are manufactured by numerous global brands such as Michelin, Falken, Continental and many more. They are available in the market as winter, summer, and all-season tyres.

We recommend buying Falken 185/55 R15 tyres.

Falken is a Japanese giant that has been on the market since 1983. You can buy Falken tyres from Your Tyres & Auto Care garage in Nottingham. If that is not convenient, you can buy 185/55 Falken R15 tyres from our website www.tyre-fitters-nottingham.co.uk with ease.

Falken 185/55 R15 tyres available at Your Tyres & Auto Care

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