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With a wide variety of tyres available at our Nottingham tyre garage, we’re confident in meeting all of your tyre fitting needs at a reasonable price.

From the fitting of a replacement tyre, to the complete fitting of a new set of run flat tyres, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Your Tyres & Auto Care LLP.

Budget Tyres

We can provide budget tyres for all types of vehicle, ensuring a level of reliability and quality at a highly affordable price. If you’re looking for something of a higher standard, our midrange and premium tyres offer exceptional functionality and durability, with an increased life span than our regular budget tyres. We stock a large number of trusted tyre brands in Nottingham, including Kumho, Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone and more.

Winter Tyres

We also offer a choice of winter and snow tyres, providing drivers with better grip and control in both wet and dry conditions, especially at temperatures lower than 7 degrees.

Run Flat Tyres

Your Tyres and AutoCare LLP is a run flat tyre specialist. The runflat technology means your vehicle will stay safe and under control following a sudden loss in tyre pressure.

Run flat tyres provide extra protection against hazardous situations and potential accidents and allow you to continue your journey.

Our team of automotive technicians and tyre fitters are happy to offer valuable advice on the most suitable tyre in question, whilst explaining the benefits and differences of each tyre.

Checking Your Tyres Correctly

In the interests in safety, it is vital that you regularly check your vehicle’s tyres, inspecting the depth of tread, inflation pressures and alignment. Make sure any stones or nails are removed from the tyre’s tread, as leaving them imbedded could lead to the gradual deflation of the tyre over time. Any oil, fuel or paint on the tyre can cause a damaging effect on the rubber compound, and should be removed using detergent where possible.

Tread Depth Inspections

You should always make sure that your tyres conform to the UK legal tread depth of 1.6mm. This amount of tread should be apparent across the central three quarters of the tyre tread and around the complete circumference of the tyre.

Tyre Pressure

Maintaining the pressure of your tyres can help pro-long the life expectancy of your tyres, whilst helping to reduce fuel consumption and subsequent CO2 emissions. Tyre pressure should be checked with an accurate tyre gauge, referenced against the information in your car handbook.

Tyre Positioning & Handling

When all four tyres are not being replaced collectively, we recommend that two new tyres are fitted to the rear of the vehicle, with the part worn tyres from the rear being moved to the front. This will help maintain stability when driving, especially when in hard or emergency breaking conditions.

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